Bismuth Crystal

Bismuth was first discovered in the year 1753 by Claude Geoffrey Junine who demonstrated the distinction between lead and tin. Bismuth was oftentimes confused with both lead and tin due to its resemblance, but regardless Bismuth was widely utilized in ancient times by, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Asians. In fact, Bismuth is still widely used today being the main ingredient found in stomachache remedies such as Pepto Bismol.

The main way Bismuth is known to be produced is as a by-product of copper and lead smelting. Smelting is the process of extracting metal from its ore using a process of both melting and heating. This procedure is known to be particularly done in the United States. Bismuth is not considered to be an economic element to mine because it is most commonly assembled as a byproduct from the process of other metal ores.

In metaphysical belief, Bismuth is said to promote both energy and vitality as well as aid in helping one achieve their goals. It is also said that Bismuth possesses the ability to help relieve any feelings of loneliness, overwhelm, and isolation. 

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