Pyrite Crystal Gemstones Wholesale

Pyrite is a brass-yellow mineral with a bright metallic luster. The name "pyrite" got from the Greek word "pyr" meaning "fire." This name was given because pyrite can be used to create sparks to make fire if it rubs with metal or another hard material. Pyrite is also known as the - "Fool's Gold because of its color.

Some people believe that Pyrite inspires creativity and brings a dash of added sparkle. It encourages strength and leadership qualities, inviting you to step up to your own potential because your willpower and well-being are ever in check.

Pyrite occurs in large deposits in contact with metamorphic rocks. Here at Gem Avenue Rock Shop, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality Pyrite Crystal Gemstones to ensure our customers' utmost satisfaction! We are positive you will not be disappointed with your purchase! we offer a wide variety of high-quality Wholesale Crystals and gemstones. We source our crystals from all over the world and offer competitive prices to our customers to get the best possible deal on the crystals you need.

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1.5" Pyrite Pyramids #002

Here at Gem Avenue Rock Shop, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality rocks, crystals, and gems. Due to the use of natural stone, please allow for some variance...

Pyrite Rough #0264

Pyrite Rough is an intriguing stone composed of iron sulfide. Its golden, metallic sheen makes it a striking and eye-catching accessory, while its durability ensures it continues to shine and...

8mm Gemstone Bracelets (Pack of 4)

Fall in love with this stretch bead bracelet! You can dress it up or dress it down, these bracelets make the perfect accessory to any look! These 8mm bead stretch...

Tumbled Pyrite Stones ( 1 LB )

Pyrite Tumbled Stones are approximately 0.75 inch x 1.25 inch in size. Pyrite Tumbled Stones are a beautiful gemstone that comes in a range of colors, from yellow and gold to...