Muscovite Crystals and Mineral Specimens

Muscovite is a major rock-forming mineral found in igneous, metamorphic, and debris rocks. It is a phyllosilicate mineral of aluminum and potassium. Muscovite sheets have a pearly sheen on the surface. Muscovite is the most common mineral in the mica family. It is light brown, yellow, green, or pink. It is a secondary mineral formed as a result of changes in contact with metamorphic rock or topaz, feldspar, and conite.

Muscovite is very easy to identify. This is because its cleavage allows it to be divided into thin, flexible, elastic, colorless, and transparent sheets. It is the only mineral with this property. These were mined in the 1700s from pegmatites in the area around Moscow, Russia. This is called "Muscovy glass". Muscovite is said to increase one's perception and enhance reflectivity. Most Muscovites used in the United States are imported from India.

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