Shaped Crystals

Crystals can be formed into a wide variety of shapes, depending on the type of crystal and the desired application. For example, crystals used in jewelry are typically cut into shapes that best show off their colors and clarity. crystals used in electronics are usually cut into precise shapes that allow them to fit into tiny spaces.

The shapes of crystals have a big impact on their overall properties. For example, the way a crystal reflects light can be determined by its shape. The size and placement of the faces, edges, and vertices can also affect the way a crystal absorbs, stores, and releases energy.

From crystal hearts to pyramids, our extensive collection of items guarantees you’ll find what you’re looking for and then some. Our wide selection contains stones such as Malachite, Carnelian, Selenite, Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, and Unakite to name a few. Here at Gem Avenue Rock Shop, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality items to ensure that they will not only bring you the utmost profit but will also bring the satisfaction of all customers!

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Orthoceras Fossils #0002

You will receive one Orthoceras chosen at random. Please allow for some variance between Orthoceras such as size, shape, and color. Orthoceras fossils are some of the most popular fossils...

Orthoceras Fossils from Morocco ( Pack of 12 )

Orthoceras From Morocco Pack of 12 Orthoceras fossils are some of the most popular fossils in the world. They are found in many parts of the world, but the best Orthoceras...

Ammonite Shell Pair Fossil Stone from Madagascar ( 1.4 Lb )

This beautiful Ammonite fossil comes from Madagascar. What is interesting about this piece is the shell shape it has, as well as the stunning details within the fossil. This Ammonite...

Ammonite Shell Pair Fossil Stone from Madagascar ( 1.2 Lb )

Gorgeous Ammonite fossil from Madagascar. This stunning fossil pair contains various shades of brown and white. These ammonites were shelled cephalopods that went extinct over 60 million years ago.  Please...