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Sodalite is a member of the mineral group known as "Feldspathoids". Minerals that are similar to alkali feldspars but have a lower silica content are called feldspathoids. Sodalite is a rare mineral known for its colors ranging from blue to blue violet. The name refers to its sodium ("soda") content. Sodalite occurs in crystallized igneous rocks from sodium-rich magmas.

Sodalite Lapis lazuli is a royal mineral widely used as an ornamental gemstone. Hackmanite is a highly sought-after mineral from Afghanistan. Appreciated its beautiful pink or purple color and strong fluorescence. It is sometimes found in contact with metamorphosed limestones, dolomites, and volcanic rocks.

The large blue sodalite mass comes from Ponos de Caldas in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Duncan Township, a Hastings company in Ontario, Canada, is best known for mining deep blue sodalite. Well-known sources of sodalite include Lichfield, Maine; Magnet Cove, Arkansas; Northern Namibia; Golden, British Columbia; Bancroft.

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