SKU 01-0016
Dimension 1" x 1"
Package Weight 1 LB
Stone Name Quartz
Stone Shape Tumbled

Approximately 20 to 22 Pieces of Smoky Quartz Tumbled stones.

The Dark Smoky Quartz tumbled gemstones exude an aura of fascination and adaptability, captivating admirers with their alluring shades of deep, rich smoky brown to enigmatic black. As a distinctive variant of quartz, these gemstones have earned renown for their exceptional and enigmatic visage. The captivating smoky hues emerge through the interplay of natural irradiation and the presence of aluminum impurities intricately woven within the crystal structure.

The creation of these tumbled stones involves a meticulous procedure known as tumbling, wherein raw stones are delicately positioned within a machine and set into motion, orchestrating a graceful dance of rotation that bestows upon them a flawlessly smooth and polished exterior. The outcome is a collection of dark smoky quartz tumbled stones, boasting an aesthetically pleasing rounded form and a lustrous finish. This delightful combination renders them visually captivating and a source of tactile delight, inviting one to explore their enticing allure through the sense of touch.

A notable feature that distinguishes dark smoky quartz is its alluringly deep and opaque demeanor, imbuing it with an inherent sense of depth and intensity. The profound smoky hue it possesses is frequently intertwined with notions of grounding and protection, elevating these stones to a highly coveted status due to their esteemed metaphysical attributes.

Dark smoky quartz is widely held to possess a grounding and stabilizing energy, serving as an anchor that connects one's energy to the Earth's embrace. This remarkable gemstone is frequently utilized to foster a profound sense of stability, equilibrium, and inner strength during moments of stress or emotional upheaval. Additionally, it is believed to radiate protective energy, acting as a shield against negative influences and psychic intrusions.

In addition to their metaphysical attributes, dark smoky quartz tumbled stones are highly prized for their captivating aesthetic appeal. The deep and lustrous color renders them a mesmerizing choice for both jewelry and decorative purposes. These exquisite gemstones can be fashioned into striking rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets, effortlessly infusing any ensemble with a dash of elegance and sophistication.

Add natural beauty to any space with tumbled stones! Whether you use them as accents in your decor, incorporate them into jewelry-making or craft projects, or enjoy collecting them, these gemstones are a lovely addition to any home. Our selection includes various colors and shapes, so you can find the perfect stones to suit your style.