Wholesale K2nite Crystals

The K2nite stone obtained its name from the K2 Mountain located in the Karakoram range that borders Pakistan and China, otherwise known as "Mount Godwin Austen." The K2 Mountain is known to be the second-highest mountain in the world falling behind Mount Everest. The main reason behind the origin of the stone's name stems from the fact that since it is a fairly new discovery to the world, it has only been found in one place. K2nite has only been found at the base of K2 Mountain where it got its name from.

In the metaphysical world, the properties of K2nite have been associated with the strength along with giving a feeling of harmony that provides balance in each aspect of life. This stone also contains the ability to stimulate a grounding intuition as well. Coming from one of the highest mountains in the world, K2nite serves as a reminder that the higher we climb and strive to get to the top, the view will only become greater and greater.

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