Scolecite Crystals Wholesale

The name scolecite derives from the Greek word "skolex" which translates to "worm." This name is in reference to the way the bead of the mineral can curl up much like a worm. Scolecite is considered to be a tectosilicate mineral that is a known member of the zeolite group and is often related to mesolite and natrolite. Scolecite is known to form clusters of sharp need like points that radiate outwards. Scolecite has been known to grow with other mineral specimens, such as heulandite, apophyllite, and green apophyllite.

The scolecite crystal meaning is believed to be a stone of inner peace as well as promote feelings of relaxation and release of stress. It is also said scolecite possesses the ability to create a clear understanding that will bring forth what is most desired in life.

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Scolecite Mineral Specimen #0239

This scolecite mineral specimen from India exhibits excellent hardness and clarity. Its distinct crystal habit makes it a desirable addition to any collector's showcase. With its desirable density and luster,...

Scolecite Mineral Specimen #0238

This Scolecite Mineral Specimen from India is a rare, beautiful natural crystal specimen. Its unique and intricate formations create a stunning display piece that would be a great addition to...

Scolecite & Calcite Mineral Specimen #0069

This stunning Scolecite & Calcite Mineral Specimen from India is a must-have for any admirer of natural beauty. Its unique blend of the two minerals creates intricate patterns that will...

Scolecite With Calcite Mineral Specimen #0012

This mineral specimen features a natural combination of scolecite and calcite, sourced from India. Its beautiful texture, crystal structure, and intricate patterns make it an excellent display piece. With natural...