Crystal Apatite Gemstone

Apatite is the name given to a group of phosphate minerals, usually referring to hydroxylapatite, fluorapatite, and chloroapatite. The name ‘apatite’ was derived from a Greek word meaning ‘cheat’. It got its name because of its resemblance to other precious gemstones. These stones are rarely seen in jewelry stores. It is a relatively soft stone, so you can enhance its value by doing small polishing work on their faces. Apatite is a very common mineral but transparent gemstone quality is extremely rare. It is usually green in color but can be yellow, brown, blue, purple, pink, or colorless.

Apatite stones have a variety of uses, for example in medicine as fillers for cut bone replacement or as prosthetic implants to aid bone growth. Some believe that this stone is a spiritual force that has a profound effect on the mental and physical purification of human beings.

Apatite is distributed widely in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, often in the form of cryptocrystalline fragments. Apatite can be found in Mexico, Canada, Germany, and Russia.

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Tumbled Apatite Stones ( 1 LB )

Apatite Tumbled Stone From Madagascar. Each stone is about 20-40 mm in size. In a Quarter Pound Lot, you get about 5 to 8 Stones. In a Half Pound Lot, you...