Lemon Quartz Crystal Jewelry Wholesale

Lemon Quartz is known as a yellow variant of quartz which obtained its name due to its yellow citrus color. Other names for this stone are coyote stone, sunstone, light stone, and Oro Verde Quartz. Unlike other types of Quartz, Lemon Quartz does not naturally form out of the ground with the vibrant yellow color that it is known for. In fact, this variant of Quartz is created by being heated at extremely high temperatures Yellow Quartz, Amethyst, and Iron together in order to create that brilliant lemon shade of yellow.

In metaphysical belief, Lemon Quartz is believed to promote feelings of both optimism and creativity as well as stimulate focus towards personal goals with clarity. It is also said that Lemon Quartz possesses the ability to bring abundance and reduce feelings of anxiety when used in meditation.

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