Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is widely known as the birthstone for the month of June, along with pearl and alexandrite. In fact, June is one of two months that have three birthstones. Moonstone is formed from both Albite and Orthoclase which are known elements of the feldspar mineral category.

During ancient times it was believed that moonstones possessed the ability to help one see their own future if the stone was placed in their mouth during a full moon. Both ancient civilizations Greek and Roman believed that Moonstone was formed from actual moon fragments that contained both healing and transformative properties.

In metaphysical belief, Moonstone is believed to open intuition as well as promote feelings of inspiration and creativity in one’s life. It is also said that moonstones possess the ability to calm any fears or worries of the unknown as well as aid in promoting confidence and relaxation in one’s mind and body.

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